Make us part of your plans

When you call us at Form and Function, we are really happy to talk to you about your project.

We will make a time for you to meet us at our office (obligation free) or at your project location.

At our first meeting, we will listen to your brief, provide design advice and outline who will be involved in the project.

We will discuss timeframes and provide you with a fee proposal for your consideration

When we have been engaged, we will do a detailed site inspection and document existing conditions. At this point we complete an initial hand sketch detailing the proposal. This design will then evolve in to 3D presentation, providing plans, elevations and 3D external and internal perspective. This is a great way for us to explain your project and also an easy way for you to understand it! We'll meet with you during the course of this design evolution.

Also, during the design stage, we will provide the necessary Energy Assessments for your project.

Not all projects need a planning permit, however if yours does, you are in good hands. We are experienced in assessing your project against the planning regulations and identifying any planning issues relevant to your site. Our understanding of planning guidelines and our solid reputation with surrounding councils is the best step forward as we submit your planning application.

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Getting down to nuts and bolts… we pride ourselves on providing plans that your builder can tender from. We will ensure that the design can be practically and affordably built and will demonstrate this with detailed structural documents. We don't want any second guessing on site.

We'll provide you with the necessary copies of plans for tendering and the building permit approval.

We also like to save the trees, so we'll give you an electronic copy of plans to share with your trades.